Unless you’ve got money to blow, you probably wouldn’t just rush into a car dealership and pick the firstSports cars are the perfect types of vehicles for those who love speed and power. car you see. There has to be a thought process. That’s why it makes sense for you to do your research and plan well in advance while shopping for a car. That means paying attention to car’s specs, value and even its color. But there’s an even more important aspect to give priority to – the types of cars that are available to you. It’s more than a matter of style since the car type you choose can impact your daily drive, and diminish or increase the value of the money you have spent.

A List of car types

To make things simple, we could technically separate vehicles into three categories – cars, trucks and vans. But you’re most likely aware that there are many more distinctions. They each have their traits, along with their pros and cons, so it’s wise to get acquainted with them.


When you think of speed and power, there’s little doubt that sports cars come to mind. They’re built for to be pushed. Within the realm of the sports car category, there are several types, including muscle cars, convertibles and those futuristic supercars which are now hitting the roads. Sports cars tend to have very powerful engines, and have great handling when compared to other classes. They perform well on urban roads, but are also great for rural roads as well.


Some vehicles are affordable no matter what your budget looks like. Not only are they easy to afford, they’re also easy to maintain, making them perfect for individuals in financial difficulty or who have bad credit. These are your economy vehicles. The production of these vehicles gives just about everyone a chance of owning a vehicle. As an added bonus, economy cars are generally fuel efficient. Among the economy class are microcars (Smart Car), hatchbacks and subcompact cars.


Not to be confused with the economy class listed above, are the family cars. As their name suggests, they’re designed for families, and take many aspects of the economy class (such as affordability and fuel efficiency). Compact cars, along with mini-SUVs and minivans are made for households that consist of parents and kids. Since these vehicles are built with families in mind, you can count on them to provide a ton of safety features.

Sedans offer the best of many worlds in terms of car performance. Sedan/Luxury

For those who want cars that deliver a blend of performance, elegant design, and safety, sedans and luxury vehicles will fit the bill. Even some of the names within this class sound classy – executive, mid-luxury, estate cars – hence the reason why they’re often looked at as status symbols. But they’re far from being objects of pure vanity. Besides their reliability, these cars tend to have long lifespans and high resale value, making them great options for those who can afford them.


We can’t forget about trucks. Nowadays, it seems like there are more trucks on the road than ever, and just about everyone is buying them. And just like their car-counterparts, there’s plenty of variety with Pickup trucks are ideal for heavy hauling that’s common in construction and outdoor activities. these vehicles. There are pickup trucks, light-duty trucks, vans,  and SUVs. Now that more people are relying on themselves to carry heavy objects and equipment around, trucks have secured a more important place in the car world.

Selecting your perfect match

So now, you have to decide what types of cars best suit you. Ultimately, the decision will be yours, considering the fact of your circumstances and lifestyle will differ from others. However, some of the options will naturally make sense to you based on your routine and living situation.

For the eyes and ego

When it comes to satisfying the soul, it’s a bit tricky knowing which car is ideal. It’s a very individual thing. However, many of you would agree that luxury cars are a perfect fit in this regard. Think about it – they’ve got the power to perform, but they’re also comfortable enough for your whole family (unlike some sports cars that are meant for just two people). They’re also well-designed, loaded with safety features, and carry brand names that signify “success”. What more could you ask for?

For thrill rides

Some of you don’t care so much for elegance, but prefer to satisfy your eyes and ego with power. That’s where sports cars come in. They’re built for drivers who really want to enjoy the road. Picture the person with their windows rolled down (or roof off) cruising along a rural or coastal highway, with the wind blowing through their hair. If that’s an experience you’ve always dreamt of, then a sports car belongs on your driveway. Speed (not too much, of course), power, and superior handling can be yours.

Hauling heavy metal

Some of you are construction workers, or outdoorsy people who bring boats to the cottage. If that describes you, the choice of vehicle should be clear-cut – you need a truck. They’re built for all of the heavy lifting that your average car or van wasn’t meant to do. If your job requires heavy hauling, or you participate in an activity that requires you bringing another vehicle (ie. canoe), then keep a truck high up on your list of options.

A family affair

If your nest has grown, you might have to get a car that accommodates your new circumstances. Naturally, that will mean you want a car that’s not only comfortable for kids, but also loaded with the features that will keep them safe as well. Today’s family car is the right choice for this situation. Many of them have a great deal of entertainment for kids – an important component to prevent from asking “Are we there yet?” – and they tend to be good on fuel efficiency as well.

In Good Taste

If you`re shopping for a new ride, give careful consideration to the car types you see. They each have their own features and quirks, and the experiences offered by these vehicles will vary considerably. So pick wisely! Whatever you’re looking to get out of your daily drive, should be the guiding arrow that points you to the right car. By doing so, you’ll find it easier to make the right choices, and avoid getting sidetracked by the myriad of options out there. Ultimately, your money will go where it needs to, rather than where you think it should go.