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Getting approved for an auto loan can sometimes be challenging if you don’t have all of the information prepared.

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Getting approved for a car financing can sometimes be challenging if you don’t have all of the information prepared. That’s where Auto Loans Ontario comes in and helps navigate you through the process of obtaining a car loan. We can get you approved for an auto loan, whether you have good, bad or no credit, or have gone bankrupt or just arrived in Ontario.



However, to get approved for a car loan, you must meet the minimum requirements:

  • Ontario Driver License (G2 minimum)
  • Ontario, Canada Resident
  • Minimum $2,200 Gross Income per Month
  • Not on ODSP
  • Employed Full-Time
  • Can obtain vehicle insurance

Our Process

Compared to other auto financing providers, we work a little backwards with the car process. First off, we review your credit history by pulling it from the credit bureau. From there, this helps us to determine the amount of financing available from various lenders and secure a pre-approval for you, and then it also gives us a budget to come in at for purchasing a vehicle.

It’s important to know that as a consumer you are protected from how much any car dealer can sell vehicles for. This is called the Canadian Black Book.

Now if you’re unsure of what vehicles you’re interested in, we will come up with 3 vehicle options for you to choose from. These options are based on current factors such as monthly budget, the total amount of car financing you can get, and what you need the vehicle to do (ie. drive kids to sport practices and games, carry construction equipment).

Interest rates are based on your current financial condition and can be as low as 0%. In some cases, rates can be as high as 29.5%; however, it’s important to note that high interest rates are always temporary. We will work with you to get the lowest possible rate. Over the months of your, we will keep in touch with you, so when your credit improves we can refinance your loan into a lower rate!

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